Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wee Hours of the Morning Rant

Whenever I hear/think about the song "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning" I hear Karyn Stubbs in my head singing the solo from Trilogy and it makes me melt. We decided as a group once that her voice was like a giant marshmallow that had absorbed a cup of hot chocolate.

Anyway, this morning I am still on fire about the Jim Matheson/Morgan Philpot debate I had the great pleasure to attend yesterday. I LOVED the feeling as I walked out of there - power. It was power. We have power in our nation! What a blessing!! Favorite quote of the day (of course, by Morgan): "86% of Congress is up for re-election this year. We can literally take back America in ONE DAY!" AAH! How invigorating.

It has also come to my attention, mostly on Facebook, that people are "sick" of the political comments. Ummm... hold on a second while I try to breathe through this so I don't absolutely freak out. Are you kidding me!? Then you know what, YOU can move to a country where you will get SHOT for stating your opinion. Ugh. MOST of this country has no respect for the incredible freedoms we have. Please try to remember how many people have died, protecting those freedoms for you. Please try to remember how many millions of people around the world don't enjoy half of the freedoms that you do. We truly are blessed, and with blessings come responsibilities.

I understand if you don't agree with my views and who I support, but most of my posts are all about just EDUCATING yourself. Do the research and then use your POWER, your RIGHT, your RESPONSIBILITY to vote!!

So many people would just rather sit on the sidelines and complain about what's going on in D.C. but can't even take the time to do the research and be an informed voter.
Rant over - please, please, please just take the time this political season and be an American. Exercise your right to be an American.

If you missed it and would like to see Matheson get whomped, here is a link to the video of the debate.

Monday, October 11, 2010

We are getting prepared... For what, we do not know.

That is our haul from last weekend. I won't tell you how much money we spent. But it was worth it!! Our friends, the Telfords, encourage us way to well to spend money :D But at least it's on good stuff.
We went to dinner with them on Friday and we came up with THE most brilliant idea. We may be rich soon. Stay tuned for me asking you for investment money.
We also played Halo Reach online and got 10 times in a row. I get really, really mad when I suck at stuff.

In other news, for the last few weeks I have been inexplicably exhausted and therefore quite cranky. Work has consistently been a drag. Today was much better and I'm not sure what to attribute that to. Wish I knew so I could keep doing it.

This weekend is our concealed weapons permit class and I'm stoked! As soon as I get it, though, I'm going to have to go out and buy a handgun. Darn.

Oh! We also bought an XBox. Crazy, I know. I have sworn for most of my life that I would never, EVER have a gaming system in my house. I do. And my husband is playing it right now. Funny what marriage does to you.

So....that's pretty much it for now. Wish I had some poetic and meaningful post....
I don't.

The end.

P.S. Does anyone have opinions on different blog domains? I'm not really liking mine... I feel like I can't do much, but maybe it's cuz I just don't know how. Opinions are encouraged.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Jaylyn's got a gun.... Jaylyn's got a gun..."

It's purty.
And - we were going to buy the EXACT same gun at a store two days before we happened upon this beauty at a garage sale for HALF the price. WOOOOOOOOOOOT! Woot, I say.

Life is stupendous. We had a fantastic weekend.
Every conference weekend my family has an "adult night" - get your minds out of the gutters, please. It just means no kiddies! So on Friday we went to Mesquite and played Bingo! It was so much fun :)
We went to dinner at a cheap cafe before, and we had to sit at different tables so there's the other group... Splitters! (I will give you 4 gold stars if you can name that movie. Family members don't qualify).

Between sessions we got to spend some time with Alex's family, which was really fun. There was even a clown there

A scary clown, but dashingly handsome at the same time.

And then I was going to be the clown, but Alex kept telling me to back up and then I stepped on the box and fell down. Haha. I couldn't stop laughing.

We also got to go out to Tuacahn and see Al's little sister, Amy, perform in a group called !nverted (Inverted) and they were sooooo good. Don't ever pass up the opportunity to see them! They do entire songs with just their voices for instruments. Uh-Mazing.

So that's the update of our lives for now. Can't wait for more adventures!

Friday, October 1, 2010

"It's the end of the world as we know it..."

Do any of you locals remember when Planet 94.1 played the afore-mentioned song ALL day?? I do.

As I mentioned, Alex and I are on a serious "being prepared for the end of the world" kick.
I finished my book and am now even more convinced of the necessity of stockpiling everything we could possibly need in case of nuclear attack/EMP/war/asteroid/etc.
For your viewing/reading pleasure, I will list the items that we have come up with so far.

Cigarettes - for the first 60ish days after a disaster, you will be able to buy anything with cigarettes. After that it will be ammo.
Ammo - see above.
Alcohol - same reasons.
Bungee cords, tarps and lots of duct tape - no need to explain. Duct tape rules.
Preserved water or a water source.
Food, lots and lots of food. (I'm pretty interested in getting a supply of the freeze-dried stuff that lasts for 25 years so I don't have to think about it.)
Guns and ammo, lots and lots of ammo, otherwise whatever you have is useless because someone who does have a gun will come and take it.
Transportation other than a car.
Medicine - pain killers, antibiotics, and any other prescriptions you are reliant on.
Baby formula - if you are nursing and have to cut your calorie intake in half, your milk will probably dry up.
Extra contacts or glasses. This is the type of thing that you never even think about not being able to get more of. I never have more than one extra pair of contacts on hand. Good thing I have glasses.
Encyclopedias or printed material for reference, studying and entertainment.

Those are the things that top our list, and I'm sure we'll think of more. Alex and I went shooting for our date night on Wednesday (I looove our date nights!) and we shot a .22 and a 12 gauge shotgun. My shoulder still kills from the shotgun, but the .22 I loved. For a fun double date with the Telfords last night we went to look at guns, and TRIED to impulse buy one, but apparently you can't get a background check after 7pm. Impulse thwarted.
So now we're going to wait until we get our concealed weapons permit, cuz they do a bc check there so then we're all set for gun-buying. Won't it be so weird to carry around a gun, just because I can?! I'm pretty excited to pack heat, I won't lie.
Don't mess.

Weekend: $2.99 breakfast for dinner in Mesquite, then bingo with the family!
Bountiful Basket, garage sale-ing, watching Amy perform, general conference, more Telfords, more conference, more family.
It's going to be FANTASTIC!! I freaking love my life. Everything about it.