Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

I looooooooove spring! And I am NOT the type of person who adds vowels to words unless she reaaaaaly means it.
The weather has been gorgeous here and I cannot get enough of all the blossoms on the trees and the freshly planted flowers. Daffodils are the cutest little "happy" flower.

On that note, I did work my freakin tush off on Saturday. I felt like a zombie by the end of the day. We worked for hours in the backyard (p.s. I HATE flag stone. If ever you are thinking "flag stone would look nice here" - you are wrong, mister. Dead wrong. It is impossible to keep looking nice). I think we are all ready to plant pretty flowers this Saturday and I am so excited for that.
We got our fire pit / thingy in! Hurrah!! We've been trying to do it for months. It was so easy, really didn't take much time at all.
Don't mind the ugly, un-cared for flagstone.

We are going to have s'mores this weekend! Pictures to come of my soon-to-be-planted flowers up in those terraced spots behind the fire thingy.

Also, we saw Hunger Games over the weekend. It rocked my flippin socks off. I really thought they did an amazing job with it and I loved all the characters - especially Caesar. I pretty much love Stanley Tucci always.

Last weekend Alex's parents took us and the rest of his family to Zion for a night and we had a blast. It was beautiful on Friday and we hiked Observation Point. I am blown away by that place's beauty every single time I go. We don't usually make pricey purchases, but there is an art gallery up there that we really adore and the owner is super nice. You can see his work here.
We fell in love with this gorgeous vase and had to take it home. It is probably the most expensive accessory I have in my whole house :D It is so unique and I don't regret one penny of it.

I love decorating for spring - it is my second favorite, next to Halloween. I still have a few things to put up, but here is what I have so far:

My living room is slowly coming along, and with the recent purchase of this rug I finally feel like the colors are coming together. I am in love with it.

Guess what? I didn't get a killer bruise. No bruise at all. I would say my life is a total waste, but I am currently eating swirly gummy bears, and that somehow makes it all better. Bless you, gummy bears. You are my reason for living.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I feel like such a loser always doing "what's been happening lately" posts... do you hate reading them? I just don't know what else to blog about, and I'm feeling bloggy tonight. Maybe it's the menstruation that's got me in the pensive mood (tmi? I don't care, my few readers are most likely girly friends)... (also, side note... I literally had to Google pensive because I kept trying to spell it pensieve like from Harry Potter. Yikes. Thank you, spell check.)

Now... where was I? Yes, menstruating pensiveness.

I don't know what I'm being pensive about. I just know that is the mood I am in. So pretend that my voice is all pensive-y, and I will try to stop using the word pensive. I've always liked that word. Even before Harry Potter skewed it in my brain.

Today I was a ninja at work - in a skirt - and no one even saw. I saved four 10' glass lamps from falling over by performing a graceful leap that sent my right chin colliding in to the base of an 18" thick steel base. I chipped my bright pink toenail polish and I limped for three hours. I BETTER have an awesome bruise. Is that not the worst, when you get a killer wound and then there is this dinky bruise?! I hate that.

Midterms are over with and afterwards I immediately felt the lethargy and apathy kick in. Literally the next day. I am now grateful that I can't take any classes during the summer.

We got our puppy groomed for the first time yesterday. When I got home I was pretty sure we were going to have to change his name - Joey? Steven? Bob? He looks SO different. But SO cute. I love him. Milestone for today: he scratched on the door until I let him out so he could poop. I was giddy with excitement.

In a few weeks I will be awarded 3 weeks paid vacation time from work. What do I do??? I really want to do a trip back east - New York, Washington, D.C., maybe church history. But I feel this dread coming over me that it will all just be wasted on sick days and leaving early on Fridays. Blech.

The last several weeks have been frustrating as we have tried to finish project after project to no avail. Alex was sick last week so we couldn't get anything done over spring break. My kitchen is STILL not finished, and now we are trying to get the backyard done before it gets flippin hot. The failures of the last few weeks have fueled my stubborn determination: this Saturday I will work all. day. long. Who's with me!?!? (please?)