Thursday, February 25, 2010


Fact: The Kite Runner is a haunting book that I can't get out of my mind. And - it is not a good idea to read it while in public, as it results in fits of uncontrollable tears.
Fact: I can't even handle being without my husband.
Fact: I am so ridiculously paranoid sometimes. Just because my husband is out of town, I feel like everything bad will happen to me. I walked through my house after I got home last night with my finger on the call button and 911 dialed just in case there was someone in my house.

Those are some thoughts that have been on my mind as of late.
Also, why have I been so tired all the time? And why can’t working out be easier – to do and to schedule?
I wonder if having a baby will make my life way more complicated or somehow easier. The time is quickly approaching that Al and I have always talked about getting pregnant. It’s just so…life-altering. FOREVER.
I have been staying off of Facebook at work as a new goal to be more productive. I’m not sure if it has increased my productivity or not, but I feel better knowing that I’m not getting paid to spend time on Facebook anymore.
Alex and I are finally on-track to be getting out of debt, and it’s more daunting than I expected. If we stick to a rigorous schedule with minimal spending it will take us about two years to pay everything off. It’s SO hard for me to not want to spend any extra money on entertainment, vacations, food, etc. But I’m getting better.

Sometimes when I’m blogging about random stuff like this I stop and look at it and want to delete all of it because I think to myself “who will care about all of this weird stuff about me?” So please comment if you do care :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Let me take a moment to discuss how I feel about weddings. This may take a while.
-Why, why, oh why do people feel like they "have" to do their wedding a certain way because that's the way everyone else did it? If you are having a line (THE WORST wedding tradition in the history of wedding traditions) do not expect me to stand in it. I came to your reception to celebrate with you and have fun. Not to stand in line, have the awkward moments with whomever you chose to stand in line with you, and then be herded past you as I try to sneak in a congratulations.
-Why do people think they have to spend thousands of dollars on their wedding? We had a fantastic wedding and we did it all - I mean ALL for around $3,000. (Dress, ring, tux, food, photographer, everything.) Do you really need ribbons around the chairs for an extra $300? No, no you don't.
-Guess what: I don't care that now that you're married you know how to cut cake together. (I all of a sudden became aware of how many people I'm probably offending...)
-Another guess what: It's awkward watching the whole garter thing.
-Please, don't do the piggy-back picture on your announcement. Please.
-And is it really your parents who are announcing the wedding? Cuz last time I checked we were in the 21st century and most people don't have their parents arrange their marriages.

I could go on. And on. I just feel so bad for people who stress out SO much about everything being "perfect" - and who is it for? It's for everyone else. I didn't give a hoot about what everyone else wanted for my wedding. We didn't stress, we didn't feel like we "had" to do certain things. And we had the time of our lives.

I really want to make a career out of wedding critiquing. Because obviously EVERYONE should do it just like we did. :) Totally kidding, sometimes I just have to poke fun at myself for being so convinced that my way is the right way. But seriously, it is.

This post has been thrice as long as I meant it to be. I rant when I feel strongly about something. Maybe my next post will be about childbirth and modern healthcare in general. That could go on for pages...

I'm very sorry if I have offended anyone. I would love to hear anyone's comments about this topic.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Post

I'm sorry for the last depressing post. It's been a rough week. But I'm feeling better now, so I'm going to list some of the little joys in life.

- Deep fried Oreos
- Spending time with friends and family
- Eating out
- Having more money than you thought you did
- Getting a really good deal
- Having really great friends that you can always talk to and rely on
- Happy memories
- Songs that make you dance, no matter where you are or how you feel
- Puppies and babies
- Finding new recipes that you love
- Pedicures
- Modern Family

Life is hard sometimes. It really sucks other times. But if I just remember that Heavenly Father is constantly reminding me of why life is beautiful then I can still be happy.
Life is beautiful.
Life is full of joy and happiness, if you are looking for it.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm not an addict, it's cool - I feel alive

- Did you know that heroin has one of the lowest recovery rates of any drug on the market?
- Did you know that after injecting heroin the drug seeps into the pores, so addicts will pick at their skin and ingest it to get more high?
- Heroin can cause long-term damage to your lungs, liver and heart?
- Did you know that you can DIE from heroin withdrawls?

How about this:
- Did you know that a woman in an abusive will TRY to leave an average of SEVEN times before she stays away for good?
- A woman in an abusive relationship has no control. The abuser takes control of all her things and isolates her from any support system.

It all sounds pretty hopeless, huh?