Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In January Alex and I did a “raw” diet for a week and we really liked it so we wanted to try it again.
Today is day three and it has been quite the adventure so far.

Day one:
Morning went well but it was all downhill after that. I got SO hungry during church and when I got home I was just pissed. I shouldn’t be this hungry!! I don’t really remember the steps that I took to get to this point, but before I knew what I was doing I had cold leftover steak in my bare hands and it was half-eaten. It was not amusing at all in the moment, but I get a good chuckle out of it now, thinking what I must have looked like: crazed cave woman, mumbling about the ridiculousness of being starved. That night we had family dinner and I was proud of myself for just having a salad... and then my brother walked in with banana splits. Seriously?! Splits are one of my favorite things on the planet. I sat there looking at everyone and getting more and more angry that I couldn’t have any!! So.. yes, I had some. And, yes, it was delicious and made me very happy.
Raw status of the day: 50%

Day two:
Most of the day went very well. We were starved for a good part of it, but where we really hit the wall this day was wanting to get out and do something on our day off, and all we could think of was food! When we want to go out and have some fun, we go get pretzels.. go get Orange Peel.. go get dessert. Isn’t it crazy how much our lives revolve around food?! We did well for most of the day, but we gave in and went to Winger’s for dinner. I restrained myself and did not get the asphalt pie, which I see as a huge feat.
Highlight of the day: eating cherry tomatoes and strawberries straight from the ground at the greenhouse.
Raw status of the day: 70%

Day three:
So far, my hunger has been a lot better. It helps to be at work and not sit around and think about food all day. I’m drinking a lot more water, which helps as well. The worst part has been the caffeine headache. It’s been going strong for about 3 hours now. Only seems to be getting worse. The day is more than half over and I am 100% raw so far! Girls night tonight, let’s hope I can stay strong!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lots of Happenings Lately...

Holy cow, so much has happened in the last few weeks and I simply have not had time to blog about it all! So we’ll play a little catch-up today.

Easter Sunday we found out that my sweet, sweet Grandma Palmer left this earth to be with her eternal companion again. We were planning on going up north that weekend anyway for wedding stuff, so we went one day earlier to attend her funeral. It was a wonderful memorial and it was so fun to see so much of my family. I was SO moved by the amazing legacy this woman left. She has over 80 grandchildren, over 65 great grandchildren and even a few great-great grandchildren! And she has touched every single on of their lives with her sweet spirit. I was especially moved to be part of a choir that sang a song in her memory, as she was the one who instilled in so many of us a love of music.

The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of fun family and friends time. We love getting to spend time with our super fun friends, Jake and Kelli Brandon. Jake was Alex’s MTC companion and Alex has some crazy stories about their experiences together.

The main event of the weekend was attending the temple with Alex’s family as his sister attended the temple for the first time. We had never been to the Salt Lake temple before and it was awesome! Definitely different than the other temples we’ve been to, and that’s cool!

Then this last week was just a whirlwind! I feel like it went by so fast and I was exhausted the whole time! We made a goal to finish our freaking cabinets that have been 5+ months in the making by Wednesday, when I was hosting Bunco. So we were planning on doing a big chunk of it on Monday but then my family wanted to have a preparedness meeting so we couldn’t do it that night. So we literally screwed in the last door as the doorbell rang for the first of the bunco girls on Wednesday. But we finished!!! HUZZAH!! I love how they turned out, but I’m not so sure about how they look with the blue wall.

My original thought was a bright turquoise with a bright red, but the turquoise turned out more blue than I planned and the red turned out darker than I expected, so now it just looks Mexican-y. And that is NOT what I was going for. I’m seriously considering re-painting the wall, cuz there is NO way we are re-doing the cabinets!! Any comments/suggestions would be mucho appreciated!

In addition to all that, I had the opportunity to do Alex’s sister’s wedding book so every spare moment last week was spent doing that. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I will try to get some pictures up here of some of my favorite pages. Poll # 2 of the post: do you think a wedding book is something that people would pay someone to do? I’m considering starting a little business with it because I sure love doing it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s basically a collection of scrapbook pages that you use as your guest registry instead of the boring old “write your name”. It’s super fun and Alex and I still look through ours all the time.

Then this last weekend was filled to the brim with wedding! It was all absolutely gorgeous, due to my amazing mother-in-law. I sure love attending sealings and remembering how blessed we are to have the covenants we do and the wonderful blessings that come with them. The church is true, everyone! Just in case you were wondering :)

Don't forget to comment with your thoughts on the blue wall and the wedding book idea! THANKS!!