Monday, June 21, 2010

"Your Voice is Giving Me Mono!"

Whoa, sorry about the hiatus.

Here are some highlights of the last few weeks:

- Making cards. I'm pretty much addicted. (The first one is a wedding present. I just had to get the whole package in the picture because it's so cute.)

This is my Father-in-Law's Father's Day card. He plays guitar :)

- Making a delicious pie! Look how pretty it is!!

- Crafting.

- Saying goodbye to Grandpa Seegmiller. He was such a sweet and amazing man. His legacy has blessed my life and will continue to do so.

- Sealings! We haven't been to one or done any for the dead since we've been married, and we did both in the last few weeks. Congratulations to Kortni and Jonathan! They are such a cute couple.

- 5-year highschool reunion. It was a lot of fun, but the 100+ people who said they would come ended up being under 50 so the planners had to fork over $50 each to pay for the extra food we ordered. Nice, people. Reaaaal nice.

- Ward pot luck. We have some pretty awesome and funny people in our ward. New discovery of an awesome made-up word: "Bumclock" - the ring you get around your butt when you've been on the toilet for too long.

- Singing. A lot. We sang a surprisingly pretty arrangement of "Home on the Range" at Grandpa's funeral and then sang "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" in church yesterday.

- Awesome dinner with the soon-to-be Hanleys... well, one already is a Hanley, but the other one is soon-to-be... Glad to have some more couple friends :D And another awesome dinner with the Abbotts and their really cute kid. I made a freaking delicious roast. Who knew I could do that?

- CHOIR CAMP!! So much fun. I absolutely love being around those incredibly talented kids, they are so special! It's also been really fun to see the vision that Brent and Andrea have for the camp and look forward to years and years of impacting the community for good. I love being a part of something so important and valuable.

- Reading. We're both pretty reading-happy right now. He's reading some historical fiction and I'm reading Brave New World... and Up From Slavery :)

That's pretty much all I can think of. Other than those things we have been working, letting our house get dirty, spending time with family and awesome friends and not getting any hiking in there. So much for our Every-Hike-In-Zion goal before the end of the summer.... We're just so darned busy! And this weekend we are going up to Provo for a wedding and Lagoon! Woot! I'm way excited for that. But, alas, there will be no hiking and my tummy and thighs are suffering from the lack thereof. I wish I had a work out buddy!! Someone other than my husband, because it's way too easy to say no to him :)