Sunday, November 25, 2012

We're going to have a baby and stuff...

A few people have been asking me to do a pregnancy FAQ post, and since I haven't blogged in 6+ months I figure that is an okay place to start.

What was the reaction when you found out? Well, it was *quite* surprising. We had been off birth control for a year and a half and during that time we had "tried" off and on, I tracked ovulations and such but to no avail. The few months before we got pregnant we even began having conversations like "maybe we're just not ready... maybe we should go back on birth control".  The timing was really not the best, I had just started school with 15 credits, working full time. But now that the surprise is out of the way, I am so grateful for the timing because it means I won't have to be pregnant in the St. George summer, and that is good for all parties involved. I will be completely honest and say that the first week+ after finding out was mostly shock, but I remember one morning looking in the mirror and thinking "I'm finally going to be a mom" and remembering all the times we had wanted it so badly. And of course I cried. I do that a lot nowadays.

Dominant emotions thus far? Like I mentioned - shock. Then bliss... relief that there is "nothing wrong" with my body... excitement. I still see couples out with their kids and think "holy crap, that is going to be us soon." So I'd say another dominant emotion is "holy crap".

Symptoms? I had no symptoms that I thought to be pregnancy before one of my friends finally said I should test, just to be sure.  It was not uncommon for me to be late - I even skipped a cycle all together a few months before. The first thing I noticed was my boobs got HUGE, swollen and even hot to the touch.  I had no nausea until about week 10, and that lasted for about 5 weeks. I still haven't thrown up, although sometimes I think it might have made me feel better.

Any cravings? The only one I can think of as a "craving" would be lime. I loved me some cherry limeaids from Sonic for a few weeks. Other than that it was either "honey, go to Wendy's right now because a baked potato sounds like the *only* thing I can eat!" or I would go to eat something and it tasted like the best. food. ever. Happened with a sandwich first. I kept asking Alex "is this not the best sandwich you have ever had?!" He thought I was a little crazy.

Weight gain? Actually down 5+ pounds since my first 8-week visit. Pregnancy diet is the best because you never ever want to eat. My belly looks a lot bigger to me, but I haven't gained any weight. I can't wait to pop because I feel like I just look fat right now.

Movement? None yet. But it's only 4" right now, today I am 16 weeks.

Boy or girl? I truly don't care, but Alex is really hoping for/convinced it is a boy. He says they are easier. However, we have WAY more girl names than boy names on our list, so if it is a boy we will be in trouble. We will find out in about a month.

How does Alex feel about all this? He couldn't be happier. He was made to be a dad, and he will be so amazing. He has taken such good care of me, I couldn't ask for a better person to accompany me on this journey.

Things I've enjoyed the most so far? There is a human being growing inside of me. I have felt that the baby's spirit does not dwell in the womb through the whole pregnancy, but I have definitely felt it when it has been there. The only way I can describe it is a glowing feeling. The first time I felt it was when we were watching Walking Dead (haha! Sorry, baby, for that to be the first thing you were exposed to, but let's face it: zombies are awesome. We will teach you.)

Things we are looking forward to? A peaceful, natural home birth. Big cheeks to kiss and sometimes pinch. Waiting to see if he/she has Alex's dimples (please, oh please!)


Riss said...

I think the "holy crap" emotion becomes dominant when you're pregnant and doesn't leave after you have the baby. "Holy crap I BIRTHED a child." "Holy crap, I'm so tired." "Holy crap, I'm not changing that." "Holy crap, how is it even possible for me to love someone this much?" :)

I'm sooo excited for you guys!

Janet said...

Hooray. That is all. :)

Ruth said...

Couldn't agree more with what Riss said! I just have to say the boob comment is so funny. I'm sure this is TMI but I had perma perky nipples my ENTIRE pregnancy. Sometimes painful!! I'm so glad you are feeling so good! It sounds like the nausea has passed??

Telsha Winger & fam said...

Congratulations! This is the first I heard. So when does that put you due? May? I'm abt a month ahead. Fun to read the post! Congrats again.