Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Empire Records, Open Til Midnight..."

This last week flew by in a blur of crazy.
Monday night we went over to Alex's parents house to help out his dad who is working on a new album! Phil is an incredibly talented musician and I really can't wait to hear all the songs, because the few I did hear rocked my socks off. And the new album will be featuring a bit of yours truly and all the other kids. Just some back-up stuff, but still! I had a ton of fun and it was super nice of Phil to involve us in his pure awesomeness. I'll let you know when the album is done!

Tuesday we had a super yummy dinner with our groovy friends, the Telfords. We sure think they are great, and their little boy is adorable.

Wednesday I watched 4 episodes of Vampire Diaries. And I liked it.

Thursday I had girls night with my homies and then went and purchased flowers for my backyard.

Friday was about the epic-est night I've had in quite a while. I spent pretty much all week preparing and planning. It's what we like to call "Incest Fest", and I know you're jealous.
Every Friday before conference my family gets together and has what we used to call "Adult Night", seeing as how we leave all the kiddos at home and have some fun night with just the adults. Well, every time we said something like "I'm so excited for Adult Night!", it sounded creepily like we were going to be shooting a porno, so we just bagged it all and went with "Incest Fest". Much better.
Annnnnnyway... it was my turn to host and I am pretty sure it rocked. We had an awesome dinner of baked penne, pizza factory breadsticks, baked asparagus and brussel sprouts and a strawberry lassi drink.
Then we played a series of Minute To Win It games, and I think more than one person in my family peed their pants. I should have sent out an "I'm sorry we're going to be so loud tonight" note to all my neighbors before hand. It was an absolute blast.

Needless to say I was quite exhausted come this morning, as I just could not sleep last week (and it doesn't look like I'll be kicking that anytime soon since it's 12:15 and I'm wide awake). I was up until 1:30 and 2:00 every day last week. Yuck.
BUT - thank goodness I had made plans with my mother-in-law to come over - I was able to get my tush in my backyard and plant some flowers! Gosh, I hope they do well and I don't kill them. I'll post pictures later. They are not much to look at right now... hope they get bigger!

Here's hoping I can get some sleep tonight.

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